Sunday, 16 March 2014

Educating With Edmodo - Assignments

This is the third post in a series on how to use Edmodo in the classroom.  Previous posts have looked at how to set up Edmodo with your class and how to use the alerts and notes tools in Edmodo.  Below is a step by step guide on how to use notes and alerts in Edmodo

How to Use Assignments in Edmodo

An assignment is a piece of work that the students will hand in on Edmodo that you plan to grade.  This assignment will be added to the classes built in grade book and you will be able to assess all the handed in assignment from one place within Edmodo.  You can mark and feedback to the individual students.  Edmodo gives you one central place for you to view all the grades and feedback for all your students.

Step 1 - On the home page you will see a line of tabs giving you options to post a note, alert,  assignment, quiz or poll.  Make sure that you have selected 'assignment'.

Step 2 - Give your assignment a title that is meaningful to the class, group or student you are aiming it at in the box that says 'Assignment title'.

Step 3 - Write a brief outline of the assignment you are setting this class, group or student and any instructions you deem necessary in the box that says 'Describe the assignment'.

Step 4 - Type the name of the class, group or student you are aiming the assignment at in the box that says 'send to...' that has now appeared under the 'Describe the assignment' box.

Step 5 -  Below the 'send to...' box you have just typed in there are a number of icons that give you options to attach things to the assignment to your class.  You can now attach a file from your computer by clicking the icon that looks like a piece of paper with writing on it.  You can attach a link to a website by clicking on the icon that looks like a link in a chain.  There is also a icon that looks like a book which gives you the option of attaching any files you have stored in your Edmodo library - you are unlikely to have any if you are just starting out with Edmodo.  You can also choose to schedule the post to be sent to your class, group or student at a later date and time if you wish by clicking on the clock icon.

Step 6 - There is a box on the top right of the assignment screen that says 'due date'.  Click on the calendar and select the date by which you want the students to hand in the assignments.  If students do not hand in assignments by the set date then a 'late' notice will be sent to them as a reminder.

Step 7 - Click send.  Your assignment will now appear to the class, group or student you have directed it to.

Step 8 - The assignment will be added to the classes grade book ready for you to review once the students hand in the work.  

Students can attach a document or there is an option to link up Google drive and attach Google Docs too.  Once the assignments are handed in you will be able to see them all in the same place for ease of marking and feedback.  If you wish you can leave your marking and feedback against the students handed in work within Edmodo.  This will then appear as an alert when the student next logs in.  All your marking and feedback for all of your classes in one place is really handy.  Each individual student will have all of their marking and feedback in one place too.  There is also the facility for the student to leave a reply to your marking and also resubmit their piece of work with amendments - great for showing a clear improvement and progress within a skill.

Next time I will be looking at how to use the quiz tool in Edmodo with your classes.

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