Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Writing About Leadership - Leap Of Faith

So, I have put off writing a leadership post since starting this blog.  I'm not sure why really.  No, actually I do know why.  For me, leadership is so complex that you have a duty to be mindful, honest and to consider your impact.  Because of these points, I feel a great responsibility whenever I go to press the publish button. 

Leaders have to be themselves to be truly successful.  They must know their professional mind and marry that with who they are in the real world. They must also not let who they are in the real world stop them being a great leader.  No mean feat.  I took quite some time to allow myself to be 'me' as well as a leader I was happy with - it took some harsh lessons and experience of some very different leaders for me to get there.  Professing to know all there is to know about leadership would be silly - I am still (and aim to always be) learning.

To write about leadership... Where do you begin? Blogging, when it is done well, lays the personality of the writer bare. There is nothing quite like reading a post where someone has been brave enough to share their raw experiences.  These posts have been too rare for me so far; looking back over the last year or so (since I started blogging) I have opened my heart fully in six of the thirty two posts I have published.  Each time I have written one of these posts I have felt a stronger bond with the job that I do. It is a leap of faith, a step out into the unknown.  Speaking from the heart is thrilling and petrifying all at once - it gets under your skin and changes you.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing the informative posts too; I like reading practical posts for inspiration myself.  But the posts where you invest a little of your soul... they free you.

I am working on a series of leadership posts at the moment.  I will try my best to be open and honest about my experience.  I hope I do my past leaders, present leaders and the people I have lead over the years justice - they have taught me so much about leadership and myself. I have the deepest respect for the colleagues that I have worked with - the kindred spirits and those that have been poles apart alike.  Being a school leader is a brilliant position to hold and I have been on one heck of a journey so far.  

So here goes...

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  1. I look forward to reading them, Sarah - and absolutely agree that we always have something to learn about leadership. I started teaching in 1980, held 6 different leadership roles over the next 30 years, am now working with other leaders and doing research on leadership and I am STILL learning a great deal. Have learnt a significant amount from Twitter/blogs....