Tuesday, 6 August 2013

SLTcamp - Igniting Change

SLTcamp - a ground-breaking residential unconference hitting UK for the first time this November. The event will bring together like-minded senior leaders to help one another become better senior leaders.

On the 15th of November 2013 Stephen Lockyer @MrLockyer and Sarah Findlater @MsFindlater will be hosting a super weekend residential of participant-driven and participant lead CPD, aimed specifically at SLT and aspiring SLT.  It will be an unconference to top all unconferences, and conferences for that matter! Senior leaders will be able to connect with like minded individuals, collaborate on ideas, listen to talks, take part in workshops, be part of group discussions and form solutions. There will be time to embed and discuss those workshops experienced, talks listened to, activities taken part in.
The focus of the weekend will be sharing the challenges and experiences of being a member of SLT and working together towards finding new and exciting ways forward.  We are in an era of ever-changing educational policy and external pressures, it is time to take control back.  We are the experts.  Together we can make a better SLT.  This weekend will form a national community of like minded senior leaders to help one another to be better leaders. We hope to ignite change and spark inspiration over the course of the weekend.  We will very much style the weekend around the participants specialisms and needs.  All sessions will be focused on encouraging change and furthering our ability to be the best senior leaders we can be.
Accommodation and food are provided at a ridiculously low price (£99 for 2 nights accommodation and all food) for attendees and fun is thrown in for free - bonus!  The event is a residential event and will take place over the course of the entire weekend.  We will be based at Holmbury St Marys YHA.  For detail about the location and how to get there please visit our website.  There will be no charges for any sessions held over the course of the weekend because we form both the audience and the leaders of sessions.  The only the best speakers for the best audience.
Possible topics of the discussions / workshops / talks could include...
Creating a cohesive and well rounded senior leadership team
  • Interviewing for the best leaders
  • Forming a strong whole school vision
  • Bottom up leadership
  • Changing mindsets within your leadership team
  • Leading teaching and learning
  • Effective whole school behaviour systems
  • Developing your staff
  • Approaches to improving marking and feedback on a whole school level
  • Building brilliant Middle leaders
  • Bet approaches to lesson observations
  • Effective use of data
  • Target setting strategies
  • Embracing educational research
  • Innovative and effective approaches to timetabling
  • Coaching approaches
  • Headship
  • Performance related pay
  • Forming real and long lasting community links
  • Should we be marketing our schools?
  • Line management approaches
  • Whole school digital learning strategies
  • Pupil premium
  • Teacher improvement CPD
But these are just ideas, the real content will be designed once we know our participants.  It will be one special CPD-packed weekend.

Will you be on of our super school leaders who have agreed to boldly go where no other group of senior leaders have been before... SLTcamp?

Follow @SLTcamp and #SLTcamp for updates.
Official website - https://sites.google.com/site/sltcampuk/home

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